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Icon Meme

Here's the icons Joy picked out for me. =3

Hiei, from Yu Yu Hakusho. Yes, he really is adorable, but he's got issues with being treated like a kid. He wants people to appreciate just how talented and powerful he is - but he gets underestimated a lot. So, I made this icon with that in mind.

I actually based this icon on a song but I don't remember the song name or the words. But this is another side to Hiei, basically. One of the reasons why he won't tell his sister who he is, is that he thinks he's not worthy of being her brother because of the things he's done in the past. I kind of think this is how he views himself - as a monster.

Someone over at sprock_you, a LOSH community here on LJ, made this icon from a scan of the comics. It tickles me to death, so I had to use it.

This I made back when the election was going on. Because L so would have been the best president ever.

Another icon I made. This is Hiei's Jaganshi demon form. I've heard it referred to as his "natural" form but it seems to be directly related to his Jagan, which isn't natural (he had it surgically implanted), therefor I'd say it's more like his "amped up" form. Super Saiyan, if you will. I really love how smug and diabolical he always looks in this form. He's tiny, green, and evil. Heehee, maybe I just have a thing for the color green. It is my favorite color, after all.

Ren made this one for me! The scene really is canon, too, much to my delight. Unfortunately, their relationship is never expanded upon past this but wouldn't they be the cutest couple? They're both super smart - and you guys know how I like to ship the smart ones. The exact dialogue for this scene was :
Brainy: Lyle! Thank goodness you're okay! *smooch*
Lyle: 0.0 Uhhhh....


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Sep. 19th, 2009 11:04 am (UTC)
Lolz poor Hiei. It must suck being so short. *Pets* xDD I love how he cherishes Yukina from like, afar. And I haven't seen the show in a loooooong time, but does Kuwabara ever find out that they're siblings?

L FOR PRESIDENT? Shit, he's got my vote. <33

LOL SUPER SAIYAJIN HIEI! That's EXACTLY what I thought when I first saw him in that form! I'd forgotten what show I was watching; I was like, "FUCK NAO THEY'RE GOING TO BATTLE FOR SIX EPISODES." xDD

Lol AWWWW at Brainy being all open and affectionaaaate~! We needz moar of that in comics, plz~
Sep. 19th, 2009 02:29 pm (UTC)
In the official anime, Kuwa and Yukina remain in the dark about it. In the OVAs, it gets hinted that Yukina has figured it out. Hiei tries to give her tear gem back to her and she won't take it because she says it's where it belongs, and then she just walks off. Understandably, Hiei is quite shocked and he just stands there for a minute and Genkai walks up and says something along the lines of "She's not as naive as you think she is." (but Kuwa is always in the dark, he never figures it out xD )

I know, right? =D

And that's the great thing about YYH! The battles are absolutely amazing and lovely to watch - it's like they've been choreographed - but they're short! The most I've ever seen has been maybe three episodes but there's always stuff going on at the sidelines too.

Lol, we do! We need more of Brainy being openly affectionate, cause that's one of the very few scenes. They're remaking LOSH again, I hear, so maybe there'll be some Lyle/Brainy in that one.
Sep. 19th, 2009 04:44 pm (UTC)
Hiei has the hottest bod ever ;; Just yes. More bod, Kitten. <3

I love your L for President. My icon is a bit of a ripoff of yours, lol. Any other icons I'd previously seen of this shot left a good deal to be desired, imo, but yours has the perfect crop. So, I really must thank you, bby. ♥
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