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Haiku The Writing Kitten

Feline Fiction


At the turn of Dusk

Name: Rachel
Aliases: Haiku Rei, Haiku Chima, Chance Harebell, Jin Sandlewood
Nicks: Rei, Haiku, Chima, Chance, Kitten, Kitty

Age: 20

Occupation: Full Time College Student, Student Worker at the ETSU Bluegrass Department.

Fanfiction Author: I write fanfiction and have been doing so for years. I started out in Yu-Gi-Oh! but I grew out of that pretty quick. I've written a lot for Yu Yu Hakusho but my current fandoms include Death Note and Legion of Super-Heroes. I'm a bit of an oddball writer - I like to make things as weird and creepy as possible. I also tend to write more psychological pieces, though I write straight up porn occasionally too.

Good Info: I'm a super nice person and I like to make friends. I'm the type of person who will gladly listen to you rant about your troubles. I'll offer advice and moral support. I like to think I'm intelligent and I'm proud of that. I absolutely love animals of any sort and I can possibly offer advice if you're having pet troubles. I'm a mountain girl, born and raised, from the Appalachian Mountains and I don't mind getting my hands a little dirty. I love to discuss things but I try to avoid conflict when I can. I am very liberal and accepting - no religion bothers me, no sexual orientation, nothing.

Bad Info: I mentioned that I try to avoid conflict but if it comes down to it, I will tell you to shove it up your ass and light fire to it. I have a temper that I work very hard to keep under control but sometimes it breaks free. Sure, the responsible thing for me to do is ignore you if you're being an asshole but I won't lie and say that's what I'll do. So just make this easier for both of us and keep on walking if you don't have anything good to say.

Orientation: Right now I'm still sorting things out but I label myself as bisexual. Honestly, I'm more physically attracted to women but I also like sweet guys and can relate to men more.

My journal is F-Locked. If you want to read my work and chat with me, feel free to friend me.

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