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Icon Meme

Here's the icons Joy picked out for me. =3

Hiei, from Yu Yu Hakusho. Yes, he really is adorable, but he's got issues with being treated like a kid. He wants people to appreciate just how talented and powerful he is - but he gets underestimated a lot. So, I made this icon with that in mind.

I actually based this icon on a song but I don't remember the song name or the words. But this is another side to Hiei, basically. One of the reasons why he won't tell his sister who he is, is that he thinks he's not worthy of being her brother because of the things he's done in the past. I kind of think this is how he views himself - as a monster.

Someone over at sprock_you, a LOSH community here on LJ, made this icon from a scan of the comics. It tickles me to death, so I had to use it.

This I made back when the election was going on. Because L so would have been the best president ever.

Another icon I made. This is Hiei's Jaganshi demon form. I've heard it referred to as his "natural" form but it seems to be directly related to his Jagan, which isn't natural (he had it surgically implanted), therefor I'd say it's more like his "amped up" form. Super Saiyan, if you will. I really love how smug and diabolical he always looks in this form. He's tiny, green, and evil. Heehee, maybe I just have a thing for the color green. It is my favorite color, after all.

Ren made this one for me! The scene really is canon, too, much to my delight. Unfortunately, their relationship is never expanded upon past this but wouldn't they be the cutest couple? They're both super smart - and you guys know how I like to ship the smart ones. The exact dialogue for this scene was :
Brainy: Lyle! Thank goodness you're okay! *smooch*
Lyle: 0.0 Uhhhh....


Okay, so I'm in need of nifty quotes from each of the YYH characters. I've tracked down a lot of them, but their are a few that I still can't find. Anyone want to help?
I still need -


Playlist Fiction

So here's a question. I used to play those games online where you turn on your playlist on shuffle (for iTunes, Media Player, whatever) and you answered a series of questions with the titles to songs. I got to thinking, and thought it'd be a load of fun to apply this to fanfiction. Like word prompts, only they're song prompts. Has this been done before? If so, I'd love to find the community that does it. If not, I'm really tempted to start one myself (can I do that?).


-glances at title- Uh... yeah, I couldn't think of anything else. And truthfully, it describes how I feel right now.

Well, good news first. All of the fics I've posted to yyhyaoi are now in my journal and tagged (so you can just click "kurahi" or "kurama/hiei" and see all of them, instead of wading through other stuff, if you're looking for one). I'm planning on posting a lot of my other fics soon too (all those things I've got up on FF.net). Some of them, of course, are all but dead to me and will never be shared further, but WIYH will be up here shortly.

Sort've blurrgy news. Well, I finally just admitted to myself that I've seen/read all of YYH that's available and decided to try another series; Bleach. Everyone goes on and on about Hitsugaya, and OMG, I love him. Only bummer is, now I'm craving either some really good HitsuIchi slash, or some Hitsugaya angst (preferably the latter). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

And now, the grand finale of crappy news. Today was the birthday of my most valued and beloved friend, Fae. Some of you might have picked up from my fic 'The Art of Playing Third Wheel' that I'm head over heels for her. Tough shit for me, of course, as she's straight as an arrow, and dating the most wonderful guy, who I would love to hate, but just can't. (She finally did break up with that guy that I hate, so that's good, at least...) Anyway, I gave Fae her gift early a few days ago, a pair of music note earrings that she loved and has been going on and on about. Of course, this made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Unfortunately, her perfect boyfriend got her a necklace to match them. Yay for her, of course, but now she's going to wear that necklace every time she wears those earrings and it's just gonna' make me jealous constantly. This is mostly trivial nonsense on my part, of course, and I should be happy because I really outclassed him in the gift department this year (music note earrings, a Zoro Halloween costume, and a 4-leaf clover locket), but you know...

So then, while I'm at the party, my mom calls to tell me they're taking my dog, Max, to the vet because he cut himself somehow. I though, okay, no big deal, he'll just need some stitches. Apparently no such luck, it's really serious, he could die, he's got to stay at the vet for the weekend on an IV to keep him from further damaging his intestines, I'm totally confused, and really... I just had a beloved pet die, my blind rabbit Louis, and I just really wish things would start going my way for once. God, I hope Max comes through this.

Looking for: Yu Yu Hakusho

Well, my birthday was a couple weeks ago and all in all, I accumulated over 400 dollars. I want to spend some of this one purchasing Yu Yu Hakusho, but apparently Funimation hates me (nothing new there, though) and only has the first season available for purchase. I'm confused. Weren't all of the episodes available last year? If so, why are the dumb asses restarting the whole process? It's a pain!

Anyway, I was wanting to know if any of the people on my friends list knew where I could purchase the eps? Preferably uncut, and at a good deal, but beggars can't be choosers.

The Same Metal

Title: The Same Metal
Rating: K+
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Pairing: Kurama/Hiei
Summary: “You and I are the same; made of the same metal.”
Prompt: Enemies

Prompts from impromptu50.

These drabbles can also be found here, on FF.Net

The Same MetalCollapse )

Writer's Block: Clumsiest moment

What's your most embarrassing memory?

Why would anyone tell this? God, I have so many embarrassing memories that I can't even tell which is the worst, anyway. Oh, don't mind my ranting. It's what I do to overcome writer's block. Stupid writer's block. Who does it think it is, anyway? It needs to quit crippling my awesomeness and let me finish a whole book already. Die, writer's block! Die a painful death!

Writer's Block: Pickup Artist

What's the worst pickup line you've ever heard?

"Hey, my friend here thought your goat was a cow."

Long story. I was showing market sheep at the state fair and some morons kept hitting on me and my far-too-attractive-for-her-own-good friend, Shey. (Really, she's probably the only reason we were being hit on, I am not typically hit on by anyone.) Finally one spouted off that line. -points above- So I then had to inform him that it was, in fact, a lamb and not a goat or a cow.